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PayNet Coin development is on track to deliver the most robust platform for payment, scalability and innovation.




PayNet Coin

is a cryptocurrency

for changemakers, innovators, and visionaries, with the tools and technologies required to create possibility for the many, as well as the few, and bring about positive global change.



Discover PayNet Coin

Banking for everyone

Not everyone has access to financial services. But all you need to access PAYN and its payment and banking products is an internet connection.

A more private internet

You don't need to provide all your personal details to use an PAYN. PAYN is building an economy based on value, not surveillance.

A peer-to-peer network

PAYN allows you to move money, or make agreements, directly with someone else. You don't need to go through intermediary companies.


No government or company has control over PAYN. This decentralization makes it nearly impossible for anyone to stop you from receiving payments or using services on PAYN.

Commerce guarantees

PAYN creates a more level playing field. Customers have a secure, built-in guarantee that funds will only change hands if you provide what was agreed. You don’t need large company clout to do business.

Compatibility for the win

Better products and experiences are being built all the time because PAYN products are compatible by default. Companies can build on each other's success.


Road Map

Launch 560M Paynetcoin (PAYN)
Distribute to community & listing on top 100 exchanges
Listing in top 10 exchanges
Invoicing & billing system implementation. Channel partner program launch. 200+ companies in partnership.
Become a new global payment system


How it Works

Make payments
Buy or sell orders


PAYN Distribution

60% Distribute to community

15% Team & Advisors

15% Reserve

10% Bounty


Frequency Asked Questions

Because PayNet Coin project focuses solely on developing an ecosystem of applications which support for all cryptocurrencies, the coin is simply forked from Litecoin open source. However, we think it is good enough to use as a cryptocurrency, no need any new additional features!

Well, decentralized and decentralization is very hot keywords at this time! The blockchain itself and the cryptocurrency itself are also a decentralized system! However, unfortunately, decentralization technology is still limited at this time! Two different blockchains still can’t connect directly with each other and because PayNet Coin system is supporting for all kind of cryptocurrencies and also Fiat currencies so it is still a centralized system. However, it works with many different decentralized systems and has many different servers… you can consider it a semi-decentralized system! Also, we never stop upgrading and improving our applications, if have any chance to make it become fully decentralized, we will do it!

All team members are newcomers to the crypto economy but all of us having many experiences with other IT projects, other businesses and the financial economy!

Security is the most important of an IT system! Understand this, PayNet Coin development team have applied all latest security technology to PayNet Coin system. Basically, PayNet Coin website has actived SSL, web application firewall and other security features from CloudFlare. All requests from users to our servers are encrypted by SHA, all sensitive information from users are encrypted by SHA or MD5 before stored on our servers. We are using multiple different dedicated servers to host and run PayNet Coin system instead of only one dedicated server or shared servers to limit the whole system will be controlled by hackers when it is attacked. Each server on the network have hardened for anti-hacking protection, activated multiple layers of the firewall (on servers, on routers, etc…) and limited with public ports. In addition, we also use multiple different proxy servers to hide our real servers, create more difficulties for hackers… These are some examples of security which are applying to our system, we can’t share more information because it is private information!
In fact, security is the general issue with all IT system and no system is perfect! Even big system like twitter, facebook, windows, MacOS sometime still have security vulnerability… We will learn from lessons from other projects then improve ourselves! When have more budget, we will also become partner with big companies on security field to get their help on improve system security!

We believe that when we do anything if we don’t believe in ourselves and what we are doing, we will never succeed. And what is easy come will easy go, only goals which are difficult to be achieved will create the real value! Our team members owned a same great skill is we never give up and we will always search for solutions to solve all difficulties! We also know that because of the unstable situation of politic and economy are happening many places around the world, so many people start finding better currencies for transactions, this is also the main reason to make cryptocurrency become a very hot trend at this time! We believe that is the normal evolution and development of human society (in our history has witnessed many similar phases and events)! We have enough knowledge about IT field and doing business, we understand that to build systems like PayPal, Amazon, Alibaba or Aliexpress is not very difficult, we are total can build similar systems but our systems even can support for both cryptocurrency and Fiat currency! Those companies only difference with us is they have a great opportunity to receive support from big funding companies and even government because all of them are established at the beginning of the era of the internet (For example: Alibaba has established from the beginning of the era of the internet in China, so they have opportunity to receive great support from big funding companies like SoftBank, etc… and the Chinese Government about resources, relationships, policies, etc…). The beginning of the era of the stock market is also similar to the beginning of the era of the internet, also generated many big names and many big companies. Current is the beginning of the era of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, we believe that we have the same opportunity with PayPal, Amazon, Alibaba or Aliexpress… Why not take this opportunity? Our team only think and do, with all of our efforts and sincerity, we believe we can convince and get support from many investors to realize our dream!

With popular users who only using PayNet Coin wallet system for storing cryptocurrency, making personal transfers, using internal exchange or using PayNet Coin entertainment applications, we don’t require them to verify personal information, but we recommend them should to verify their information because it is necessary in case they want to recover their account in case they have forgotten their username, lost their email, lost their 2FA application, etc…
With professional users who want to use our paygate for their business, to receive payment regularly, they have to verify their merchant information and waiting for our approval.

With the same question to you, Bitcoin is very popular coin and its has a lot of communities and applications which strongly support for it, why you don’t only use Bitcoin and still using other coin? Also, why people doesn’t only buy products from a big suppliers? More providers will reduce monopoly situation in service and price, more competitive will provide users more options, better price and better service! We never said you should to use PayNet Coin instead of those other services, we only hope PayNet Coin will be your additional option and it maybe better for you in some cases! In fact, many projects have similar ideas but they are not totally same, still have different targets, different developments, different advantages, etc… And PayNet Coin is quite different with those services, and it have more advantages in some cases. Finally, the choice is up to you!

PayNet Coin doesn’t exchange currency directly with users and only create a platform to support users exchange currency with other users so we haven’t bear any risks with the exchange rate. Also, all transactions inside PayNet Coin system are internal transactions, even cryptocurrency transactions inside PayNet Coin system are off-chain transactions so we only charge users very low fee for transactions, even if they are in different geographical locations! Users only bear additional fees when they deposit/withdraw Fiat currency to/from their Fiat currency wallets (bank fees & debit/credit card fees) and bear additional on-chain fees when they transfer cryptocurrency to other systems.

Like PayPal and other similar digital payment systems, PayNet Coin creates digital wallet for each Fiat currency and mechanisms to deposit/withdraw to those digital wallets through bank or debit/credit card (in each country which their currency is supported by PayNet Coin system, we will open a bank account for that local currency), users can also receive transfers for Fiat currency from other users.
For exchange between Fiat currency with Fiat currency, PayNet Coin develops an internal exchange so all users can exchange Fiat currency in their Fiat currency wallets with other users. To improve the liquidity on the exchange, we will also develop API to integrate with other Fiat exchanges / Foreign exchanges (Forex) for listing and trading with orders on their exchanges.
For cross-exchange between Fiat currency with cryptocurrency, we also develops an internal exchange so all users can exchange Fiat currency and cryptocurrency in their wallets with other users. In each country, has many online service providers to exchange cryptocurrency to their local currency (Fiat currency), we will become the partner with them and develops API for listing and trading with their exchange orders to improve the liquidity on our exchange.
d. Our paygate will closely integrate with our internal exchange and also have API to integrate with other exchanges so it has the same ability when exchange currency for sellers/buyers during the transaction progress.


Finn Jones
Co Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Eric Nguyen
Co Founder & Chief Operation Officer




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